I am running for re-election because Teton County residents deserve a legislator who shares their core values and who can effectively represent them in Cheyenne. I will continue standing up for our key principles as we face the difficult choices forced upon us in a period of significantly declining revenues.


Growing our economy

Finding new ways to support Wyoming’s economy is not an option – it is a necessity. This requires innovative investment by both the private and public sector, and also requires Wyoming to enhance our desirability as a place to relocate for businesses and their employees.  Quality education and health care are essential components, while policies that encourage discrimination and intolerance only diminish our status as the Equality State.

Upholding social services

This is the wrong time to cut social services to balance the budget.  With rising unemployment and increased need, the long term benefits these services provide to our citizenry far outweigh the short term financial gain from reducing support. 

Preserving our wildlife and habitat

Protecting the health of our game and fish populations and the critical habitat they require is imperative for sportsmen, wildlife watchers, and tourism--the second largest industry in the state. Visitors travel from all over the world to see our abundant wildlife and beautiful vistas, and in order to maintain this source of revenue we must continue to invest in our natural resources. 

Keeping Wyoming's public lands in public hands

Public lands and open spaces are an essential part of Wyoming’s character and the future or our economy.  We need to recognize their importance and insure they are managed responsibly so that their scenic and recreational values are maintained.


We need to keep moving Wyoming forward. I want to continue working alongside my fellow legislators to represent you and your values in Cheyenne. I ask for your vote!


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